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News: Arts & Culture

Reviews of previously published works in West Sumatra

Currently, I contribute to Padang Ekspres, a local newspaper in Padang, West Sumatra, by reviewing some books that were published in the province. In this weekly column, I try to find the intellectual history and its related matters, such as the publishers, readers, intellectual discourse and compare them to the recent development. The clipping of the reviews, in Bahasa Indonesia, is posted in my personal blog: http://staff.unand.ac.id/sudarmoko/ Read More

Birth 1871 screening

Screening Birth 1871 at University of Leeds, UK. Read More

Birth 1871 - a Documentary film on India's so called 'Criminal Tribes'

India is celebrated as the world’s largest and one of its most participatory democracies. However, freedom for India’s Denotified Tribes (DNTs) meant something very different to that of other Indian citizens. These communities were subject to the only experiment in human history to define entire peoples as hereditary criminals. In 1871, the British colonial government in India inaugurated the Criminal Tribes Act. By independence the Act had been amended 3 times and had defined around 130 communities – ‘Criminal Tribes’ – totalling about 12-13 million across India, as ‘habitually criminal’ ... Read More

Budhan Theatre's Promo

Please watch Budhan Theatre's Promo that indicates that how we are using theatre for our constitutional rights. Please click on below link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6Fj2tM988k Read More

My autobiography and plays get National Award for creative writing on Human Rights

Dear Friends, extremely happy to share that my book 'Budhan Bolta Hai' (Contains autobiography and 5 plays of Budhan Theatre) is awarded first prize and reciving National Award in Creative writing on human rights issues by National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Govt of India. The award ceremony will take place on 20th April at 3.30 pm at IIC, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. Read More

A Pahar ( My dear Mountain) - My Poetry Book

A Pahar - A poetry book published this year (2014) Read More

Freedom Fighter & National Poet Shri Ram Sharma Award-2014

See link---https://www.facebook.com/jayprakash.panwar/media_set?set=a.691856934195395.1073741845.100001132836315&type=3 Read More

Youth Icon National Award-2014

See link....https://www.facebook.com/jayprakash.panwar/media_set?set=a.797812733599814.1073741853.100001132836315&type=1&pnref=story Read More

Call for Submissions: Open Doors 2014 Cover Artwork

Deadline: Monday, October 6, 2014. In preparation for the publication of the Open Doors 2014 report that will be published in January 2015, the Institute of International Education's Center for Academic Mobility Research invites submissions for the report's cover art from IFP alumni. Interested applicants should submit a high resolution scan or photograph of their two-dimensional or three-dimensional artwork by Monday, October 6 to Anita Lederer – alederer@iie.org. Other than photographs of two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork, no other photography will be considered. --... Read More

Documentary Film 'Birth 1871' - Indian De-notified over independence

n 1871 the colonial government in India officially defined 192 ethnic groups as 'Criminal Tribes' - communities considered to be ‘hereditary’ criminals, and later reclassified as 'Denotified Tribes' (DNTs) in 1952, following India's independence. In consequence, these communities were subject to collective penal and ‘rehabilitative’ measures that included increased surveillance, forced resettlement and employment that government deemed productive. This project combines historical research with film documentary to explore two Denotified Tribes' strategies for dealing with the changing local sta... Read More

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