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News: Social Sciences

Transnationalised belonging: second generation Filipinos in England

This study is framed by the question: By looking at the case of second-generation Filipinos in England, how is belonging constituted in a transnational social field? The study examines external/official and internal/individual representations of belonging of young people in England with Filipino background. First, using almost five decades of settlement and citizenship statistics from both the governments of the Philippines and the UK, the study establishes an identifiable ‘second-generation’ as a sizeable component of the Filipino diaspora in the UK. Second, using 20 biographic narratives ana... Read More

Relação Entre Fontes Políticas e Jornalismo: O Caso dos Semanários Moçambicanos Domingo e Savana

Resumo Esta pesquisa aborda as relações de mediação de conflitos, evolução e assimetrias entre as fontes de informação e o jornalismo. Esta abordagem é feita através da perceção das relações que se estabelecem entre as fontes de informação e o jornalismo, mediação de conflitos e evolução na utilização das fontes, a partir da realidade moçambicana. A partir destes pontos chegou-se à questão principal do estudo: ‘Em que medida as assimetrias entre as fontes políticas de informação e o jornalismo são agravadas pelas vicissitudes do processo histórico-político de Moçambique, especialmente no per... Read More

The Ultras Political Role and The State in Egypt

The Egyptian revolution of January 25, 2011 was an occasion to bring many apolitical social actors into the political public spectrum after more than fifty years of the state monopoly over public spheres. Since the revolution of July 1952, the political regime has privatized the political sphere to be the exclusive domain of the state and the ruling elites. The society was forced to abandon politics to be exclusively managed by the state, specifically by the president and the coercion apparatus, which consisted of the security forces and the army. For the most part, society complied. However, ... Read More

From Tsonga to Mocambicanidade: Civil Religious Dynamics in Mozambican Nationalism

ABSTRACT The relationship between the Romande Mission and the Liberation Front of Mozambique (FRELIMO) has been the subject of study by a number of Mozambicanists. Most of them agree that the Romande Mission played a key role in educating nationalist elites and in shaping political consciousness among the Africans. Notwithstanding the relevance of this approach, the current study argues that the Tsonga tribal and Mozambican national identities are civil religious constructs. They resulted from sacrificial ritual performances, the expropriation of traditions and symbols, and the creation of ... Read More

IFP Ghana Alum Elizabeth Koomson

By: Ford IFP

IFP Ghana alumna Elizabeth Koomson is from Ghana and earned a Master's degree in Social Work at the University of Michigan in the United States. She works to educate women in Ghana about health issues and to organize them for participation in policy. Filmed and edited by Diana Whitten. Read More


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