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News: Health

A Safe and Potable Water for A Small Community

Dodome Dogblome is a small community of peasant farmers in the Ho West district of the Volta Region of Ghana. This small village which is my home town, having a population of about 600 inhabitants, lacks a safe and potable drinking water. Ghana has achieved 76% national coverage for safe and potable water. However this village is one of those uncovered by the government’s small community water and sanitation project. The only source of water available for the community is a small stream flowing through the outskirts of the village. Deforestation by farming activities upstream has led not onl... Read More

Final Report

Distribution Of Vitamin A Supplements And Albendazole Read More

Second Article

Distribution of Vitamin A Supplements and Albendazole Read More

First Article

Distribution of Vitamin A Supplements and Albendazole Read More

Modifying factors of sexual health behaviour of tribal adolescents in Rajasthan, India – A review

Sexual health is major concern in adolescents. Though many efforts at international and national level the situation of sexual health in adolescent is not improving. The situation of sexual health in tribal adolescent is worst. The aim of dissertation is to review the modifying factors of sexual health behaviour of tribal adolescents in Rajasthan, India. The objectives are to analyse the prevailing sexual health behaviour among tribal adolescent, to explore socio-cultural and gender feasibility of government health programmes regarding sexual health of tribal adolescents and to provide rec... Read More

Bhopal’s Doctor Who

http://www.livemint.com/Opinion/BnilOFi5mxDAygpv60Bo7I/Bhopals-Doctor-Who.html?ref=ms By Shefalee Vasudeo Read More

Uganda: Challenges of Preventing Early Pregnancy Among HIV positive Teenagers

Management of sexual and reproductive health of HIV-infected youth is an important means of reducing HIV transmission and unintended pregnancies. Adolescents are faced with so many unintended pregnancies which contribute to high maternal mortality in Uganda. Young girls are increasingly faced with economic challenges for survival and they find themselves easy prey to male enticements through small gifts. Sometimes they are raped, resulting in pregnancies.Read full story at: http://www.kit.nl/net/KIT_Publicaties_output/ShowFile2.aspx?e=2075 Read More

A former sex worker’s story about learning to protect her sexual health and rights

In Uganda, young people can find it difficult to access sexual and reproductive health services. A youth-friendly drop-in centre made all the difference to Rose, who started sex work aged 14.Read the full story at: http://www.keycorrespondents.org/2013/06/14/a-former-sex-worker%E2%80%99s-story-about-learning-to-protect-her-sexual-health-and-rights/ Read More

Experts Call for Family Planning Gaps to be Addressed Ahead of 2020

Experts at Women Deliver 2013 have called for a clear set of priorities and to address gaps in research in order to realise the shortfalls in family planning as the world moves towards 2020. The discussion followed earlier deliberations agreed upon by a group of bilateral, multilateral and private funders in December last year and recognised the need for more research to better inform family planning for 2020 and fill critical knowledge gaps.See details at: http://www.impatientoptimists.org/Posts/2013/05/Experts-Call-for-Family-Planning-Gaps-to-be-Addressed-Ahead-of-2020 Read More

AIDS/STI related Health Education among Pregnant Women in Northwestern Areas of China

Abstract: Objective to understand HIV prevalence among pregnant women in Xian yang and their AIDS/STD related knowledge. Methods Anonymous questionnaires were administered for pregnant women attending two local MCH clinics and HIV antibody tests were conducted simultaneously for them. Results A total of 300 pregnant women were interviewed and tested, and no HIV positive cases were detected. The average age of the women was 27 years, most of who were local residents of Han nationality, had, senior high school background, and were employed as workers or cadres. Using condom was their con... Read More

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