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News: Gender

DO NOT celebrate the Women if...

Published in Premium Times on March 8,2014 to mark the International Women's Day. Mr. Effanga believes the following set of people should not pretend to celebrate womanhood as the world marks the International Women’s Day. As the world celebrates this year’s International Women’s Day and some churches celebrate Mother’s Day, the following persons should shut up and not pretend to celebrate womanhood: The rapist and those who blame the rape victim as causing her predicament because of what she wore. Pray, how do infants (two years and below) dress to attract a rapist? The father (and any ... Read More

Happy International Women's Day!

By: Ford IFP

Powerful profiles of IFP women social justice leaders. Read More

She won't say - a short film

This is a short film conceived and picked up during a documentary film production in a tribal region (Kol Bheel tribes) of middle India.....enjoy, think and send your valuable comments Read More


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